All you should know about Helping Hands International a.k.a H2i

All you should know about Helping Hands International a.k.a H2i

Helping Hands International (H2i)is known to be an empowerment -based- membership program, and a global empowerment opportunity  that was initiated  out of passion for total human capacity development and for helping the less privileged in our society.

The vision originated from the Philippines by Mrs. Luzviminda Mac-Elvis who believes that anybody can lend a helping hand to someone else irrespective of the location, education, social status or background.

She hoped that with a joint effort, the weak will be empowered, the less privileged will be helped while the donors will be compensated hence the compensation plan attached with the program which includes the following;

  • Interest free Loan
  • Business Loan
  • Elite Club members loan
  • Humanitarian services
  • Trade and skill acqusition services
  • Income opportunity
  • Free internet ready laptops
  • Brand new car
  • Yearly global pool
  • Housing plan
  • All expense-paid trip
  • Infinity bonus
  • Yearly residual income
  • Free educational fund for your children

The system works in a binary 2×2 and 2×5 matrix and has 5 stages;

  1. Associate
  2. Masters
  3. Super masters
  4. Minister
  5. Prime minister


The 1st stage – associate stage is a a feeder matrix feeding the rest 2×5 stages. It is a forced matrix with spill-over and spill-under effect. This means that, the width cannot be more than 2 and every additional referrals will be forced down into your matrix, causing masive spill over and spill under which tends to make the matrix to fill faster.

The compensation plan causes a regular cashflow for its members. Because they earn in 5 stages with payments made in 12 multiple ways.

Stage 1- Associate

At this stage all you need is to introduce at least 2 people who will in turn introduce their own 2 people each making it a total of 6 people in your team to earn you 20% ($8) for each person you introduced. I.e. 6x $8 = $48 plus $10 matrix bonus making it a total of $58.

Stage 2- Master

In stage 2, those 6 persons in your matrix fill their own matrix each to join you to Masters Stage which is a 2 by 5 forced matrix, with the spill under effect. Each of your referrals will be earning $26 (if they refer at least 2 people each) while you collect $1,000 as matrix bonus and a FREE Laptop (or ipad) to boost your online success.

Matching Bonus is enables members to earn from their direct referrals. 10% is paid to members each time a referral completes a stage, 10% f $1,000 is paid to direct up line. Matching bonus runs from stage 2 to 5.

Stage 3 – Super Master

When your referrals in your 2 x 5 matrix become masters, you will earn $1,500 from level 1-5 and another $1,500 when the matrix gets filled up, your direct link gets Matching Bonus of $150 and you automatically move to the next level which is super master.

In addition to that, you will get a brand new Hyundai ix10 (worth over $10, 000).

You will be required to recommend 2 persons for empowerment. Both will receive $1000 each. That way, you affect their lives positively in addition to yours.

Stage 4 – Minister

When your referrals become Super Masters, you will receive $2000 from level 1-5 of the matrix and another $4000 when your matrix is completed. Making it a total of $6,000 matrix bonus, at the same time, your uplink receives $300 as matching bonus and you move to the position of Prime Minister.

In addition to cash bonus of $6,000, you will also get

  • an executive Hyundai worth over $27,000 (delivered 3 weeks of your qualification),
  • $1,000 empowerment for one motherless home or disables home in your neighbourhood.
  • Interest Free Loan due – up to $12,000 (requires no collateral).

Stage 5 – Prime Minister

This stage is the final stage with just 2 x 2 Matrix, when 6 members of your previous matrix becomes prime ministers, you will receive $12,000 paid in 2 levels, and 5% matching to your upline. $2000 paid as you fill your level and $10,000 paid when the matrix is completely filled (i.e. level 2).

At the completion of Prime Minister Stage, you will receive all the necessary reward and incentives as listed below;

International trip Housing fund Educational Fund Yearly infinity bonus Yearly Elite Club member loan (up to $44,000) plus a re-entry into prime minister’s stage over and over again with more benefits and incentives as the matrix gets filled. Each time you do a re-entry into prime minister’s matrix, $500 is being deducted automatically and your status is affixed with 2 stars (**) which indicates a 2nd tenure, 3rd tenure is 3 stars (***). This is for differentiation from one time prime ministers up to 6th tenure prime minister. That means you get the chances of earning these benefits all over again. At the 7th tenure, a prime minister is given the opportunity to occupy one of the prestigious position as a Director (TRUSTEE).


THOSE MEMBER WHO COMPLETES Prime Minister’s stage 6 times and on the 7th tenure enters into a new 2 x 3 matrix called TRUSTEE MATRIX and is admitted into board membership (as a Director).

This requires 2 in your 1st level, 4 on your 2nd level and 8 on your final level after completing prime minister’s stage 6 times and on the 7th stage, the above is required. At completion, a congratulatory message with all benefits paid.

Benefits of a Trustee (Director):

  • Trustee bonus (paid once) –$80,000
  • Global profit pool
  • Residual income for life ($10,000)
  • Becoming a Director in charge of the next-in-line-country to be Launched (with 1% commission on all sign ups from the country)
  • Automatic annual qualification to attend AGM Abroad.


  • Annual recommendation of 2 orphas from any Orphanage home (in your neighbourhood) for schoolarship award.
  • Scholarship award for 2 people from you religious setting (all these people shall be empowered after being investigated for authenticity)

Terms and conditions: At least, 4 of your direct referrals must be on this matrix (2 x 3)  from level 1-2 of your 2 x 3 TRUSTEE matrix.

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